Taxan Gulf FZCO | Wolfvision

Flexible presentation technology

More effective communication and collaboration

WolfVision Visualizers are a central component option of our vSolution: a solution which offers a powerful combination of Visualizer hardware, software, and accessories - supporting more effective communication and collaboration, through advanced but easy-to-use presentation technology.
We offer the most comprehensive selection of Desktop and Ceiling Visualizers available - whether your requirement is for high performance 'live' imaging, or for fully featured multimedia presentation systems, our flexible vSolution provides unrivalled imaging performance for every situation.
Improving Your Presentation
Studies show that presentations made with a Visualizer dramatically increase learning success, because visual presentation of information is the most effective way to transfer knowledge. Using a Visualizer captures and maintains the audience's attention because of the 'live' element onscreen - imagine the benefit of being able to watch a movie instead of just looking at a series of still photographs!

Well-known customers rely on our high performance Visualizers

Internationally renowned universities and businesses use WolfVision Visualizers - prominent users include The United States Supreme Court, the universities of Harvard, Heidelberg, Tokyo, and University College London, as well as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Audi, Porsche, Nike, Cisco, and NASA in the corporate sector.

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