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In modern homes and buildings managed by Intelligent Home Systems, comfort and ease are provided by audiovisual, telecommunications, lightning, and security specialists. Many manufacturers design their products to make our life easy and comfortable. The equipment must interoperate perfectly – a VIZ-ART Intelligent Home Systems designer needs to match many puzzle pieces with various shapes and purposes so as to create a project that meets the requirements of the home owner.
The basic purpose of an Intelligent Home System is making life easier thanks to modern technology. We create systems that are simple to handle and easy to use by domestic users. Our Intelligent Home Systems projects are mainly designed to provide you
with the right conditions for leisure, and satisfaction from the comfort and security offered by your home.
We want you to become immersed in the movie you watch thanks to the integration of your home cinema with an Intelligent Home System. Believe that what you are seeing is true, and the surrounding sounds will confirm it.
The project we create will meet your expectations, which we will be eager to listen to. We will provide you with information and consult our work at each design stage. We will also take care to match the design to your interior architecture. The complete system consists of a specification
of selected equipment, and locations and drawings of an interiors-integrated installation.