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Give your collaboration application life in the small meeting room.

If your team wants to use a video collaboration application like Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber, Skype, or our favorite, Lifesize Cloud in the meeting room, then you need the Lifesize Icon Flex video conference system to bring it to life. The Lifesize Icon Flex is a business-class video and audio conferencing system that brings the benefits of high quality video, our touchscreen Lifesize Phone and world-class support to your collaboration application. Ideally suited for the small meeting room, the Lifesize Icon Flex is easy to set up and use.

Business meetings require business-class video and audio.

The consumer-grade peripheral you use alongside your video collaboration application is okay when you’re using it at your desk to conduct a 1:1 video call, but it will not deliver the video and audio quality you require when video calling in a meeting room with multiple participants. The Lifesize Icon Flex video conference system with its powerful PTZ camera, comfortably sees everyone in the room and delivers the highest quality video output, ensuring that your meeting is broadcast in crystal clear HD.

Plays well with multiple applications.

The interoperable Lifesize Icon Flex is designed to work with Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber, Skype, and our favorite, Lifesize Cloud, which means that you and Frank in accounting, who’s using that “other application,” can both use the Lifesize Icon Flex to conduct video calls in the meeting room.

Simple installation. No tools required.

Installing the Lifesize Icon Flex is a breeze. Simply place it in a central location in the meeting room of your choice, connect it to a power source and a laptop and let everyone know it’s available for use alongside their favorite video collaboration application.

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