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The NetStreams DigiLinX IP Audio, Video and Control system is incredibly easy to use and enjoy. Imagine coming home and pressing just one button to activate multiple actions all together - the lights turn on, the air conditioning changes to your preferred "at home" setting and your favorite music begins to play in your favorite room(s).

VIEW Multimedia Receiver Software

VIEW Multimedia Receiver Software provides the user with a Windows 7 PC decoder for watching multimedia streams from StreamNet deployments.

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VIEW Virtual Matrix Software

VIEW Virtual Matrix Software provides the user with simple and single screen control for an entire StreamNet deployment.

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Audio/Video Encoders & Decoders

By streaming multimedia over TCP/IP, drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, and price/performance are achieved over traditional AV distribution methods.

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Audio Decoders and Amplifiers

StreamNet Technology ensures that audio between any and all zones are in sync within one millisecond.

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Control & Source Interfaces

Using an edge-based (decentralized) IP system, the HD quality of the signal is preserved and saves money by requiring only one CAT5/6 cable for audio, video and control of the display.

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Ethernet Switches

ClearOne’s proprietary StreamNet technology ensures synchronization of audio and video signals to within one millisecond, and control for point-to-point and point to multi-point distribution, while also delivering the highest-quality video and audio with the lowest latency.

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Power Supplies & Accessories

ClearOne’s selection of Power Supplies are tightly regulated and are very efficient.  Additional PowerLinX power supplies may be required as the DigiLinX system is scaled in size.

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