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Ravi: Auto Lecture Recording System. The Ravi system is Automatic Lecture Recording System. The system includes a motion tracking camera that follows the presenter automatically, eliminating the need for a camera operator, or boring static shots. The system can record both the lecturer and contents of a touch screen simultaneously.

  • Teachers and presenters can record their presentations with ease.
  • Start recording with the click of a button. Click once more to save your video.
  • Share videos with others by uploading to streaming sites or school websites.
  • Useful for teachers who would like to analyze the effectiveness of their teaching methods and evaluate student engagement.
  • Students are able to review or recall lectures they missed or did not understand.
  • A great tool for distance education. Using the Ravi system to broadcast lectures live online, students can partake in a lesson from anywhere in the world!

Auto Lecture Recording System | Download Datasheet