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The Ravi automatic lecture recording system does not require a specialized hard drive or server. This software based system is compatible with most current desktop computers and allows users to create recordings at the click of a button.

Simple interface allows for multiple screen layouts, easy control, and customizations.

Automatic Motion Tracking Paired with a compatible motion tracker (Microsoft Kinect suggested) the Ravi’s Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera will follow the motions of the speaker. This allows the speaker to move from the board or touch display to another area without needing to adjust the camera angle. The PTZ camera will automatically track movement within its range. If desired, automatic tacking can be turned off and the camera movements can be controlled manually through the Ravi software, remote control or Android app.

Zoom-in / Zoom-out
  • Various screen formats available: single camera, split screen, PIP, etc.
  • Record the screen contents of your computer or touch display.
  • Utilize up to 4 cameras (1 PTZ and 3 static).
  • Insert custom subtitles.
  • Record in a variety of file formats.
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution possible.
  • PTZ camera automatically tracks subject..
  • up to 20 camera positioning presets.
  • Control the camera manually through the software or remote control.
  • Full remote control of Ravi software through an Android based app (bluetooth).

  • Auto Lecture Recording System | Download Datasheet

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